Prime locationAs is the case with MNS Towers I & II, all our buildings will be located in the choicest spots in Nepal.
High-speed internetOur towers come equipped with lightning-fast internet provided by multiple ISPs.
Spacious parking lotsWe offer plenty of parking space--canopied, underground, and others.
24/7 serviceOur towers feature 24-hour CCTV surveillance, RFID-assisted doorways, and dual-unit backup electricity provisions.
Cafeteria/coffee shopOur cafeterias offer wholesome, hygienic meals at subsidized rates. Our coffee shops are on par with the best in town.
Meeting-space clustersWe’ve designed meeting rooms of various sizes to allow for multiple meetings to be held simultaneously.
Reception, security, and housekeeping servicesWe take care of all your auxiliary needs so that you can focus on achieving your company’s bottom-line.

Why Innovation Hive

Innovation Hive develops benchmark-breaking corporate spaces for Nepal’s premier companies. Owing to the workspaces we have developed, Nepal’s captains of industry, CEOS, and executives today expect state-of-the-art office ecosystems that help burnish their brand value, enhance employee productivity, and prevent employee burnout, among other benefits.

MNS Towers, I & II

World-class amenities

In Nepal’s fintech and BPO sectors, things don’t get bigger than F1Soft and CloudFactory. Not surprisingly, when these companies needed new offices, they turned to us. Before commencing with developing their bespoke offices, we first sat with their teams to thoroughly internalise their company ethos. Our designers–with a track record of catering to high-end clients in Nepal and abroad–worked closely with the teams to compose, as it were, every aspect of their workspace.


The F1Soft and CloudFactory offices are located in the most coveted spots in Nepal’s premier corporate district of Lalitpur. F1Soft is housed in MNS Tower I, Pulchowk; and CloudFactory is housed in MNS Tower II, Jhamsikhel.


The towers boast amenities that allow the companies’ management to focus solely on achieving their brand vision and on keeping the workforce happy.

Bespoke solutions

We help unleash your productivity

Front-desk services
Executive suites
R&R spaces
Balconies on every floor

Our clients

In Nepal, we are the realtors with, by far, the choicest state-of-the-art spaces that are guaranteed to fit your
company’s every office need.