About Innovation Hive

Why Us ?

Why Choose Us

Innovation Hive offers the perfect ecosystem for freelancers, business owners, entrepreneurs, digital nomads and other miscellaneous individuals to work and thrive in a diverse and synergistic co-working setting.

Ambience and Set-Up

The interior design and furnishing of our co-working space is truly unparalleled. With the incorporation of bright, spacious,colorful and artistic elements to our minimal yet contemporary design; our clients are bound to feel inspired as soon as they step into their chosen work space. Furthermore, we are the only co-working space equipped with high quality, modern and creatively stimulating furnishing arrangement in Nepal.

Parking and Security

The building comes with both a sunshade and a basement parking area that protects vehicles from every form of harsh weather. The workspace can only be accessed via RFID-assisted doorways. As security is of the utmost importance to us, M&S Towers is under 24-hour CCTV surveillance. Also the premises are guarded by a crew of security guards trained in the Nepal Army forces.

Ground Zero (meeting-room cluster)

The main meeting area—Ground Zero—comprises of 9 meeting rooms of varying capacities. Companies can book rooms in accordance to the number of attendees. The area has been compartmentalized to ensure that multiple companies can host their meetings simultaneously without disturbance.

Subsidized Canteen Facility

The company canteen offers scrumptious, wholesome and hygienic meals at subsidized rates. Our chefs have gathered years of experience in the field of culinary arts and prepare dishes and combos that suit the taste buds of working people.

Bottoms Up

Crowning M&S Towers is Bottoms Up- a glass-enclosed terrace with a bar area, stage and balconies. This lounge is Lalitpur’s highest vantage point for taking in panoramic views of the Kathmandu Valley.


At Innovation Hive, flexibility is our core principle. We aim to nurture the synergy among our companies and invite entrepreneurs imbued with the same emphasis on balancing professionalism, comfort and convenience.